Father-Daughter Dynamic Duo

As father and Daughter, Kelvin Ramer and Rosalee Ramer are living their dream together racing and competing in Monster Trucks. Rosalee was brought into her love for racing and fixing up trucks by her monster truck racing father, Kelvin. She would help him fix and build trucks since the young age of three. She helped him build and work on their famous trucks, Time Flys and Wild Flower.

“To anyone who says I'm too young or girls can't do it. I would say, come watch a monster Jam event. Watch me compete, watch me win. “ – Rosalee Ramer

Time Flys and Wild Flower

Their passion and skill for monster truck racing have got the duo featured in Ellen, CNN, Fox 5, ABC, The List, music videos, stunt driving for commercials for Best Buy and the Kids Choice Awards, and more!

Rosalee and Kelvin's accomplishments are nothing short of outstanding. Behind the wheel of Wild Flower, Rosalee proves that anyone can drive. She is a major player in the sport being the youngest female monster truck driver, competing in the Monster Jam World Finals, and winning 2016 Monster Jam's Rookie of the year!